Garnet Preparatory Academy is a university-model program, bringing students together with dynamic teachers and the best and brightest in the business community for a comprehensive educational experience.

We're Better Together

About our program

We are a partnership program featuring two days of project-based, dynamic core classes, innovative electives, and support to homeschooling families by providing a place to come together to connect. 

Partnership with parents

Our desire is that, through partnering with parents and supplementing at-home schooling with in-class, teacher-led coursework, students will carry a broad range of skills and experiences that prepare them for adulthood.

Stacey Lytle

Executive Director

Stacey is a passionate educator, speaker, and award-winning author. She has been an educator for over twenty-five years. She has spent much of that time empowering women and youth, working on teacher-development projects and parent education. She loves coordinating events of all sizes and is responsible for the formation of--and has participated in--several learning cooperatives.

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