Our program is one that we feel fills a void in many school systems. We are a partnership not a school. Our goal is to work with parents to create the best possible learning environment for each individual student through adaptation and adjustment by the parent and teacher.


We have a wide variety of students from many different backgrounds. Our goal at Garnet Prep is to give everyone the love and acceptance that we feel every child deserves. We give each student the opportunity to learn to be kind and accepting to every other student around them.


Our mission is to provide quality, impactful, engaging education that fits the needs of many while never forgetting about the individual. We cater our lesson plans to many learning styles and work to help struggling students instead of letting them fall by the way-side. 

Our Teachers  

Our teachers are passionate about our program, focused on student success rather than test scores, and always willing to help students be their very best. We hand pick our teachers based on their devotion to education and after demonstrating hands-on instruction with a variety of students.

Our Staff

Stacey Lytle
Executive Director
Gina Starkey
Executive Assistant
Alec Wheeler
Assistant Director
& Science
Amanda Hardin
Andrea Pace
April Smith
Martial Arts
Cameron Lloyd
Math, PE & Health
Danielle Rosenbaum
Math & Science
Hannah Starratt
Sign Language & Teaching Assistant
Jeri De La Torre
Teaching Assistant
Kathleen Taylor
Math & 
Teaching Assistant
Katie Wrigley
Language Arts
Lucinda Joseph
LA & History
Malia Reynolds
K-3 Core Classes
Sarah Goetter
Teresa Rudd
Tammy Rimack
Teaching Assistant

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